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Avv. Cosima Marocco

Cosima Marocco, born in Milan, on June 14th, 1961.
I obtained my degree in Law at the University of Turin. The subject of my master paper was Company Law.
I am listed at the Turin Bar association since October 26th, 1992.
Just after my degree, I trained in the law firms of Cesare Manfredi (specialized in Commercial, Bankruptcy and Labour law), Giorgio and Francesco Griffa (specialized in civil and commercial law) and Gian Luca Marta (specialized in Company Criminal Law).
In the year 1998 I opened my own law firm.
I am allowed to represent clients before the Supreme Courts since 2006 (Corte di Cassazione and Consiglio di Stato).

I am specialized in civil law cases such as, inter alia, Labour Law, Commercial and Private Law and I have a wide experience in Criminal Law related to companies issues.
Since 2015 I am appointed president of the Italian National Barrister Association, Turin section.
Since 2016 I am appointed Auxiliary Judge of appeals at the Court of Appeals, 1st Civil Section of Genoa, Italy.

From 2020 to 2022 I have been director of the Board of Directors of the Foundation Accorsi-Ometto, Turin, via Po n. 55, Turin, Italy.

I have a good grasp and knowledge of English and French, both written and oral, as well as legal language.

I have considerable experience in providing clients – mainly companies - with legal advice and assistance including litigation and arbitration.
I believe clients should be personally supported, with the help of my collaborators, who work under my supervision.
I consider and assist each case and client with a tailor-made approach.
I’m dealing also with family Law with a consolidated expertise.

My firm provides advice in the following areas: Civil Law, including contracts negotiation,
Commercial law, Bankruptcy law, Environmental law, Labour law and Corporate Criminal Law.

Avv. Cosima Marocco
Studio Marocco

studio marocco

Avv. Cosima Marocco

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